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NATURAL, ORGANIC, VEGAN - Makeup and Skincare Products

Vibrant, Intense, Pure Beauty. VIP ME Cosmetics is a holistic range of Natural, Organic, Vegan Friendly skincare and makeup, with botanical ingredients, traditional and exotic in their purest form.

We support sustainable, fair-trade agricultural practices.

Many of VIP ME Cosmetics ingredients are certified organic or grown under organic conditions without the use of preservatives or growth enhancers. Our products are vegan friendly and NOT TESTED on animals.

VIP Me Cospmetics - Natural Organic IngredientsCertified Vegan      No Animal Testing - Cruelty Free

VIP ME Cosmetics Makeup range is bursting with humectants that leave your skin feeling silky smooth, fine organic fruit powders blended with mineral colours to enhance your complexion. Fabulous for your skin and great for the planet. Vibrant, Intense, Pure.

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