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Where to start, probably where the people that know me the best would start, my friends - they would say I am quirky…. make that very quirky with a great sense of humor, caring and honest, honest to a fault at times. I have a rather large heart and at times this has definitely got me in the shit…….that leads me to my next trait, yes to coin Adele’s’ phrase, I have a potty mouth at times too. Too bad I cannot sing like her. LOL. I am known to scream though, stressed out me – is not a pretty sight. Nothing a warm bath, glass of wine and a rejuvenating facial mask, with a closed bathroom door doesn’t ease though. I have had an interesting past, and managed to steer myself into some interesting situations, although a lot of these I would rather have not endured, they have made me who I am today. Behind what appears at times to be a confident front, is a little girl that doubts herself regularly and has body image arguments with herself daily. Which I think is what gives me the passion and drive to try and empower all women from early in life and beyond, that we all have a uniqueness and that is great, and it is most definitely o.k. !!! that we should own that uniqueness and definitely shine.

To try and bring those unique features and characteristics out.

The quiet, shy, timid women that when she looks in the mirror after even the smallest amount of makeup is correctly applied – beaming with confidence, smiling and shining for all to see. The lady who feels more confident and radiant after applying her skincare for a few weeks and really seeing the difference when she looks in the mirror, let alone, touching her skin that is now like a soft velvet fabric. Her friends and workmates, asking what she has been doing as she looks different……she looks amazing.
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