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Foundation, bronzer any of our range - pressed, or loose mineral have the same pickup of product. If you missed my video - pop and watch that. So we are gently dabbing our brush onto the product to pick it up, remembering LESS IS BEST. No swish to gather the product onto the brush.

We then take the brush and use circular motions all over our face, starting at the forehead is easier and best, round and round - for those old enough "wax on, wax off" circles. .....LOL Gather more product by dabbing, apply, repeat, do this as many times as you need to obtain the coverage you require. Another little tip, the mineral powder will sit in the belly of the brush - so you will be amazed at how little is needed for great coverage. The final application we will take our brush and basically we are sweeping from the forehead down to the chin, this will settle any facial hairs, so that they lie flat, that way, any light that hits them will not highlight them.

LIQUID MINERAL Foundation and BB Crème - Our BB Crème is ammaaazing, it is a primer, moisturizer and 30 SPF all in one, while still being packed with nature and goodness.

I tend to like to mix my BB Crème and Liquid Foundation together and then apply, I feel that way I can also play with my Winter and Summer skin tones, in my mix ratio. Generally though it is about a 50/50 ratio. Tools.... it really is preference, you can use your fingers, you can use a foundation brush, (liquid) that is, you can use your blender sponge. Personally I tend to feel sponges waste a lot of product, but it is personal choice. We are going to again start at the forehead, just easier, or under the eye if you feel you need more coverage there. That is me these days, now this is more or a sweeping, windscreen washer type of movement. Apply small areas at a time, working over the whole face, again, small amounts, and build the layers for coverage. Do not do the - dot, dot, dot, .....product on forehead, cheeks etc. Work in one area at a time, you will find you get far better coverage and application. Now that you have finished, you can if you wish add bronzer - to highlight or to the whole face, then the "Mineral Setting Spray" will finish the look nicely. This can be done between application of products or when you have finished your full makeup application. Or you can leave as is, and use your "Mineral Setting Spray".

BB CREME - applied in the same manner but less, you know the rules with our products. Great for a quick weekend walk out the door, or add Mineral Foundation, or Bronzer to the whole face after your BB Crème application, for a fuller coverage.

So many ways to use these amazing products, play play play, it is all about the inner child sometimes when it comes to makeup. Let her out.......

Any question - or needing help with product choice. Get in touch.

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