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HOW I CHOSE THE NAME - VIP ME COSMETICS and what it really means.

Posted by Roxanna Mack on

How did I choose the name - VIP ME Cosmetics.

Well sitting there as you do when it comes to names of any description, I was thinking - over many months, Lol. What is it I represent, what are my products about, what message am I trying to put out there, what is my philosophy and my back story to all of this and why am I doing this. The biggest things that hit me were...... from a interesting childhood - I was left fairly broken with no self-esteem at all, unbelieveable issues about my body, about who I was and if I was actually worth anything. I realized the biggest part of this journey was actually about making all women realize they are valued, they are beautiful, they are unique and they are truly amazing, each and everyone of us. So how the hell was I going to tie that in with Organic, Natural, Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free Makeup and Skincare, well that lead to me thinking that we as women are all - Vibrant, Intense and Pure, which then lead to the abbreviation of VIP......which then had me thinking ...........we as women are also Very Important People. That in turn lead me to realize that really as such we truly deserve to be using amazing Natural, Organic Products, Unharmed products that actually are truly Vibrant, Intense and really Pure. All of my original thoughts, intentions, feelings and emotions tied together nicely in VIP ME Cosmetics.

When then asked by a few people that knew me well, what the name of my business was going to be.....when I told them what I was thinking, they laughed and looked at me and said that is just so you and who you are and what you are about. That is so true it is not funny. So maybe I was not on the wrong track.....

Really it could not be anything other than VIP ME Cosmetics

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