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SO, WHAT DO THEY REALLY MEAN ...................

Posted by Roxanna Mack on


Non-Toxic, Hypoallergenic, Natural, and Organic when reading the labels of skincare and makeup.

Non-Toxic: is more for marketing purposes and has only just come into play over the last few years. 

When companies say they are Non-Toxic they are leaving out ingredients that have been linked to Toxic responses in humans, E.g. Cancer, Hormonal problems, Liver, Kidney problems, even death at times.

 Here are some of the offender ingredients to always avoid: formaldehyde (found in nail polish, hair gel and color cosmetics); petroleum (found in moisturizers and lip balms); asbestos (labeled as talc or hydrous magnesium silicate); lead acetate (found in hair dye and lipstick); coal tar (found in hair dye and anti-dandruff shampoo).


 Hypoallergenic: Products labeled hypoallergenic are making the claim that they cause fewer adverse reactions than their competitors.


Natural: Meaning at least some natural ingredients’ have been used in the formula – they can still have up to 30% synthetic ingredients’. If you find lots of chemical names on the label and the only thing that is in Latin or looks like a natural ingredient is towards the end of the list, there is very little natural ingredients’ in that product. So, saying Natural most certainly does not mean it is 100% Natural.


Organic: To be able to state totally organic ingredients it must be 100% Organic, when it comes to Skincare and Makeup that is nearly impossible, as we need to have a preservative to help keep the product’s fresh and useable, (a shelf life) In our case her at VIP ME Cosmetics, we still use a natural preservative, it is just not an organic preservative.

This being the case the use of the word organic is highly regulated, and legally means a brand or ingredient has been certified by the USDA. You should see an accompanying logo that confirms this; if you don't, it means nothing and they are about to get in trouble. If you do see the logo, it means that said ingredient/ingredients’ or almost 100% (must be a minimum of 98%) of the ingredients in an organic product have been grown and processed under a very strict code of cleanliness, with no pesticides or fertilizers, and absolutely no genetically modified organisms.

It really is a scary thought when you think about it all – I hope I have helped shed some light on what all these names mean. Given you a better understanding on what is actually natural in its purest form and why truly 100% Natural and Organic products are more expensive. All the procedures that happen before that product gets to you, are strictly governed and regulated, it means those of us that have 100% Natural/Organic products care about what you are applying to your skin, what is being ingested by your body, how it effects our planet and who it effects. It means we do truly give a shit………  

Much love


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