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Posted by Roxanna Mack on

Trusty browns are always a good bet, but why not add a splash of colour.

My latest favourite, brown eye pencil (yes eye pencil) because all VIP ME Cosmetics products are inter-usable as no nasties in them. I use my brown eye pencil as a lip liner and colour in my lips as well, then I add a splash of "Candy Lip Gloss" for a little warmth and a bit of fun. Great depth of colour that lasts for hours, works with the winter look, while still feeling bright. Or... just keep it plain, and use a little "Crystal Shimmer Lip Gloss" on top.

If you want to glam it up for an evening event, why not use your "Crystal Shimmer Gloss" and then add a splash of "Goldstone" or "Bronze Shimmer" Eye colour to the centre of your lip area, looks fab. for a great evening out.

#winterlip #glamlips #simpleyetstunning

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