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I LOVE makeup, I LOVE my clients, I LOVE what I do.

To be honest most OTHER professionals that have a trade qualification are charging at least $75 hour, most charge more, if we then head to other professions like lawyers well let’s just not go there……LOL

We all see value differently as well depending on where we are in our lives, what is important to us, and possibly what we earn ourselves.  

The facts are to be honest if you worked out my hourly rate for my makeup artistry – you would probably die……as it involves things like…….

I do not just apply makeup and run, I have been known to be stitching up dresses or trying to attach safety pins to dresses in some odd places, to pouring wine for stressed out brides or their family. Then there is the ohh – do you have time for just one more person…..Please?? Lol

We as makeup artists work shit hours…..sorry but it is true, we work weekends when our kids are off school, having fun and wanting time with us. We often work nights doing makeup trails, answering emails etc. when our kids are needing tucking in to bed.

Our Kits…..well most people cannot believe how much we have. Our makeup brushes alone, humm….. I have at least 50 and yes, I do use all of them at different times for different application technique’s, they all have a purpose. They are not your $2 shop brushes either, one of my most expensive brushes cost $160 yes you read that correctly. When you come to a professional you want the airbrushed, quality finished look, you will not get that with your $2 shop brushes or your foam top eyeshadow applicator.

Makeup – well it does not get any easier there either, Lol. Before creating my own range, I had multiple brands in multiple colours of everything, just think how many foundation colours we need alone. Again, these are all top-quality products that come with top quality price tags, and not all brands give discount to a sole trader makeup artist, so a lot of the time we are paying exactly what you are paying for the same product. Just think - multiple say $60 times 100, and that is not even close to how many makeup products a professional will have in their kit. Now I stick with 100% Natural Makeup only, I still have a full range – my own range as well as other brands that are Natural and that has not been any small feet to obtain.

Time – As said above we work horrible hours, often starting at 6.00am or earlier, travel time is also a big factor. Then there is doing a straight 8 hours of makeup without even a break. Emailing clients in response to their enquiry, possibly having multiple conversations in relation to their special day and that is before we get a booking. Cleaning brushes …..let’s just say cleaning 50 makeup brushes is no small task, if we are lucky we might have a wine in hand by then as it is probably about 10.30pm

Then you also have –

  • Insurance – Yes, I have full insurance cover, including Liability,
  • Taxes – Yes, I am here to feed my family, pay the mortgage and as such I must also pay taxes
  • Training – it was not cheap to start with (if you are fully qualified) and as professionals those of us that are fully qualified also like to try and keep up to date and refreshed so we also do ongoing training, this is not always available in NZ so at times we must go further afield.
  • Advertising – Yup…. that really is up there with a large lawyers’ bill, it is bloody expensive to advertise in magazines, Facebook and wedding directory’s. As a one goddess business……the best advertising is your fabulous recommendation’s, so please do place a review on my Facebook page and or my website.

You will see prices do vary and that does depend on location, how many Makeup Artists are in the area, (competition) as well as one of the most important things to me, Training, not all makeup artists are fully qualified and professionally trained.

I hope this helps to clarify some of your questions and to understand a little more about what we as Professional Makeup Artists do behind the scenes. I LOVE Makeup, I LOVE what I do, I LOVE my clients, and I most definitely do strive to make your special day truly special and to bring all your inner beauty to the surface for all to see.


Any questions please feel free to contact me.


 Northland Makeup Artist - Cruelty Free Makeup Artist - VIP ME Cosmetics



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