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Face Chamois -

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This Face Chamois is truly the best - once you use it, you will not use anything else.

VIP ME Cosmetics Face Chamois is super soft, which means no dragging at your skin, great for all skin but especially if you have Rosacea or highly sensitive skin.

You use it as you would a conventional face cloth but after you have used your Face Chamois it drys super quickly - which means no festering bacteria which means no transfer of bacteria to your face, less break outs.

When you first get your chamois - you will need to soak it for a few minutes to become soft.
Then -
1 - Wet the cloth thoroughly
2- Squeeze out excess water, you want it moist, but not dripping with water.
3- Wipe Cleanser, Mask, etc off your face.
4 - Rinse Face Chamois underwater, repeat 1-2-3 if needed.

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