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Vegan Makeup Brush - Large Shadow

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VIP ME Cosmetics Large Shadow Makeup Brush is a perfect partner for using with our fabulous natural mineral makeup.

Easy application of eye colour to the entire eyelid including brow bone. Into the crease as well if needed, giving more coverage than the VIP ME Cosmetics Small All Over Brush. 

For a more intense colour you can wet the end of the brush with either water or toner and then apply your Eye Colours.

It picks up colour well, and is super soft to use. No dragging at your skin, delivering a smooth application. Hypo-allergenic and great for sensitive skin.

VIP ME Cosmetics Vegan Makeup Brushes are super soft, made to the highest quality and amazing to use. Designed to work with both liquids and powders.

♥ Remarkably Soft - Great for sensitive skin
♥ Superb Quality
♥ Durable Construction
♥ Smooth & Gentle Feel - Amazing application with VIP ME Cosmetics Makeup
♥ Vegan - No animal Hair or Fur



Never sweep with Mineral Makeups always use more of a dab or gentle press of the brush onto the product, then when you have enough product gently apply, you can use a dab motion first and then a sweeping motion to apply and blend onto the eye area.. Repeat until you feel you have the colour density you require. For more depth you can use a little water or toner on the bristles and then collect eye colour and apply.

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